ACSA Region 15

ACSAl Equity Institutes

ACSA, in conjunction with our equity partners, is proud to bring you a unique new professional development experience designed to build your cultural proficiency capacity in order to lead for equity. We have designed a rich program for district teams and individual leaders from all educational levels to assist in the development of deep belief systems and understanding of diversity that empowers you to be proactive and responsive to the diverse needs of the community you serve.

The ACSA Equity Institutes will be held in three locations: Oakland, Fresno and Lynwood, beginning in August. These are multiple two-day events held throughout the year, much like the ACSA Academies. Enrollment is limited to the first 30 registrants. For more information and registration, please click here.

Nicole Anderson
Diversity and Equal Access Executive
Member Services
Association of California School Administrators
1029 J. Street Suite 500
Sacramento, Ca. 95814
O: 916-329-3810
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F: 916-848-0391

“Educational Leaders: we cannot close the achievement gap that we see in our schools if we don’t close the one in our minds first.” --Nicole Anderson