ACSA Region 15

President's Message

Welcome to ACSA Region XV!!!!!

Hello to all ACSA Region XV Rock Stars! I know you are ready to use Your Song, Your Story, Your Voice for Leadership this year.

     Welcome to ACSA Region XV!  My name is Timothy Barker, and I have the pleasure of serving you as your Region XV President for the 2017-18 school year.  Along with the incredibly talented and dedicated ACSA Region XV Board, I am eager and ready to join with you as we tell our story while striving for excellence in our service to students, their families and communities.  With State ACSA’s support and your involvement at the region and charter levels, we will work together to guarantee each and every one of our students the academic opportunities to be successful contributors to society. Through collaboration and a grassroots approach to involve legislators in our region and charters, we will use our voice to ensure everyday advocacy for students.

ACSA Region XV offers aspiring, current, and retired administrators a variety of opportunities to network, advocate, mentor, connect and collaborate with colleagues, a necessity in these times of rapid change. We seek your involvement via your attendance at a variety of valuable learning and advocacy opportunities:

  •      Regional Leadership Assembly meetings
  •      Region or state-sponsored professional development such as the ACSA Academies and Summer Institutes
  •      Region XV Conference and the State Leadership Summit
  •      State or locally sponsored Women’s Leadership Network events
  •      Legislative Action Day in Sacramento  
  •      Equity and Diversity events
  •      Student-centered programs such as the Region XV High School Oratory Contest and the Every Student Succeeding Recognition Program
  •       Professional development opportunities through our Region XV Partnerships 

   Region XV is respected and recognized across the state as not only the largest region, but as a region that is innovative, enthusiastic, supportive and passionate. 

    As your Region XV Board, we are dedicated to your success and that of all students.  We invite you to join us and use "Your Song, Your Story, Your Voice for Leadership" to uphold the mission of ACSA and Region XV to tell your story during the 2017-18 academic year.

   I look forward to seeing each of you soon at one or all of our Region XV events!



Timothy C. Barker

ACSA Region XV President