ACSA Region 15

Our Goals 2016-17

The Region Level

Awarken the Force Within

2016-17 Goals

  • Bold and authoritative advocacy;
  • Dedication to the highest personal and professional ethics;
  • Inspirational networks of discovery and sharing of knowledge;
  • Mutual commitment to excellence; and
  • Universal accessibility to learning.


The Charter Level
More than 200 charters have been created within regions to address the local interests of members in one or more school districts. The charter structure gives ACSA its grassroots strength. If you are new to a district, the local ACSA charter is an excellent forum in which to meet your colleagues, share experiences and learn about district issues.
Charter Presidents are listed within our Region's section.
The State Level
Opportunities for involvement at the state level include serving as an elected officer, a member of the Board of Directors, or a representative to the Leadership Assembly. ACSA members serve on statewide professional committees, task forces and advisory bodies. This cadre of committed volunteers is a vital professional network for ACSA members.
State ACSA’s leaders can be located under ACSA Leadership.