ACSA Region 15

Committee Chair

The Legislative Policy Committee is a STATE ACSA committee that focuses on providing the ACSA Legislative Advocates with input from the membership on the level of support to put forward on legislation proposed each session of the legislature.  The "level of support" can be support, support with amendments, oppose, or request further information.
This committee is composed of representatives from each of the 19 regions, RACSAM, and other committees/councils from ACSA.  The committee meets approximately 4 times a year- twice with a conference call and twice in Sacramento at the ACSA office.   
The information gained through these meetings is taken by the ACSA Legislative Advocates as they move forward in advocating on behalf of the membership. 
Please click the link below to see ASCA's most recent position taken.  
Bill Positions Taken ā€“ April 12, 2016
For further information see also ADVOCACY on our website.
Legislative Policy Committee Chair:
Susan Arzola

20671 Larkstone Drive 

Diamond Bar, CA  91789

FAX(909) 468-5201        (909) 595-8171 (ext. 48458)
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