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One Voice-for Students


ACSA’s One Voice for Students Initiative

ACSA’s One Voice for Students Initiative is a multi-year endeavor to ensure that school leaders can speak with a common voice on educational policy in three specific areas: student outcomes, human resources and school funding.

Actionable Goals for 2015

I. Improve student outcomes

Accountability – Actionable Goal: Advocate the State Board of Education exercise its statutory authority to defer the calculation of a base Academic Performance Index (API) until spring of 2016. Actively participate in the development of state accountability metric based on multiple measures, and support the release of all spring 2015 testing data to be used locally to inform instruction.

Common Core /Next Generation Science Standards – Actionable Goal: Advocate for a phase 3 of dedicated one-time funding for a portion of the mandated costs associated with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards implementation, for three purpose areas: 1) technology and test administration, 2) instructional materials, 3) professional development.

High School Exit Exam – Actionable Goal: Take a leadership role in the state’s policy decision relative to the continuance of an exit exam and how to support success for all students to become proficient on the 11th grade assessment of the SBAC.

Digital Instructional Materials – Actionable

II. Create human resource processes that support meeting the needs of all students

Educator Effectiveness – Actionable Goal: Lead and advocate for comprehensive policy reforms necessary to define and improve educator effectiveness. Identify a small working group of various “job alikes” to develop the definition and how to measure it. Work with legislators of both parties to introduce legislation containing recommendations. Develop a coalition of support for this effort that includes educators, business, community groups, civil rights groups, etc.

Fund Professional Development – Actionable Goal: Develop a long-term strategy to ensure teachers have the resources and training to build the capacity to educate students effectively. Develop a long-term strategy to ensure administrators have the training and resources necessary to become expert evaluators.

Model Evaluation Template – Actionable Goal: Develop an evaluation template that will serve as the basis for all district evaluations; one for teachers and one for administrators. Include the requirement that all of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) are included as part of teacher evaluations and all of the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSELs) are included as part of administrator evaluations, including student growth and achievement. Allow local districts to bargain assessments for implementation. Develop a cadre of expert evaluators.

 Ineffective Educators – Actionable Goal: Ensure the use of interventions that can be developed locally based on state guidance for those educators deemed ineffective


III. Create a stable and sufficient funding system that enables all students to meet California’s high standards.

Adequacy – Actionable Goal: Create an overarching message and multi-year strategy to move from 46th in the nation in per-pupil funding to the top 10. All other finance and budget matters should be a subset of this important policy shift.

 Define Adequacy – Actionable Goal: Work toward a common definition of adequacy. Effectively use research, other state comparisons and tell the local story. What it takes to run a quality school/program.

Base Funding and Adequacy – Actionable Goal: Advocate for and educate policymakers about building the base over time and develop an effective message to describe the difference between LCFF and adequacy to ensure the public understands the difference.

Adequacy Coalition – Actionable Goal: Develop a coalition of support behind adequacy and what it takes to operate a quality school. Include management, labor, business, children and civil rights groups, etc. Urge other groups and organizations not to settle just for reauthorization of Proposition 30.

Important Subset Issues – Actionable Goal: Continue to play a lead role in the following finance areas that contribute toward adequacy:

1. Repeal the Rainy Day local budget reserve cap.

2. Reauthorize Proposition 30.

3. Address squeeze on base funding (e.g. pension obligation, heath care costs, pent-up demand for salary increases).

4. Address the need for school construction and modernization funds.

5. Strategy to address the long-term pension contribution challenges and unfunded obligation.

       6. Participate in discussions around tax reform as part of the larger adequacy strategy.

  • 2015 One Voice Toolkit