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Budget deal struck; education trailer bill vote to come

Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature have reached an agreement on a budget for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year valued at $115.4 billion. The spending plan is $61 million more than Brown originally proposed. 

Lawmakers passed their version of the general fund budget on June 15, which is the constitutional deadline to finalize their spending plan. 

“We commend lawmakers for meeting their deadline to submit a budget and we appreciate the governor’s work in compromising with the Legislature’s plan,” said Wes Smith, ACSA executive director. 

Monday night, the Legislature presented its version with $749 million more than Brown originally proposed. The budget proposal relied on positive revenue projections that fell in line with estimates from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. 

The Sacramento Bee reports the agreement includes $265 million to fund 7,000 full-day preschool and 6,800 voucher slots. Legislative Democrats were seeking about $409 million – including more than $260 million in general fund money – for child care and preschool programs, hoping to add 5,000 full-day preschool, 10,000 part-day preschool and 12,000 voucher slots. 

The education trailer bill, which contains most of the major components for the K-12 budget, is still being finalized and will be up for a vote later this week. 

“We will monitor the passage of the remaining budget items and their impact on education,” Smith said.

Meantime, ACSA News has released a full report on the budget deal.